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Get to know Hannah Messer, and learn how her participation in the CSC funded STEP (Supported Training & Employment Program) empowered her to become a responsible, productive adult. She's now a proud Publix employee! Click here to see Hannah's story.

170x170.jpgMeet Rashaud, an 8th grade student. He is a proud member of the Youth FORCE program at Gulfstream Middle School. Youth FORCE, which is funded by the Children's Services Council of Broward County and managed by Memorial Healthcare System at Gulfstream, has enabled Rashaud to succeed by teaching him skills to be a better student, and he's also taken advantage of participating in programs like the Boy Scouts, swimming, theater and community service. Click here to see Rashaud's story.


170x170.jpgThe "Where Are They Now?" feature spotlights graduates of CSC-funded programs and their successful transitions to or toward adulthood. This episode spotlights the impressive trajectory of one Simone Nelzi, a participant in the CSC funded and YMCA operated 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) program at Hallandale High School between 9th and 12th grades, until her graduation in June 2015. Click here to see Simone's story.


"I'm so grateful for this program. Kameryn has come a long way."

Nearly 5,000 children in Broward with special needs, like Kameryn,? are touched by programs that are funded by the Children's Services Council. CSC has been at the forefront in funding programming for children and youth with physical, developmental or behavioral health needs since its inception. Click here to see Kameryn's story.


Jordan was once a student struggling with behavioral issues and academic performance but with the help of the Children's Services Council and Harmony Development Center, he has grown tremendously. 

Nearly 1,500 at-risk middle school students in Broward participate in Youth FORCE programs funded by the CSC. These programs help youth by improving self-esteem, developing life skills, and increasing access to community resources to promote success. Click here to see Jordan's story.


"With the afterschool program, Conrad has definitely done well with his reading." 

Conrad is one of nearly 12,000 Broward children who improved their reading through programs funded by the Children's Services Council. Click here to see Conrad's story.


Maci is one of hundreds of children and youth who have gone through CSC-funded Maximizing Out of School Time, Youth FORCE and STEP programs offered through the Center for Hearing and Communication. 

"STEP is like my family. You'll never see a group of kids like us so close to each other. They motivated me to
do better in school. Now I'm not bullied, I have straight A's and B's. I look forward to learn how to drive and get
a job to earn my own money and gain employability skills and give back to the community, and learn to be independent." Click here to read Maci's story.


Thanks to you, Hattiesha is now making her dreams come true as a student at the University of Florida.

Hattiesha was a young teen when she lost her mother, then was forced to then move in with an aunt when her brother was deployed to Iraq. With the help of HANDY's Future Prep program, funded by the Children's Service Council, Hattiesha is making a successful transition to adulthood. HANDY has helped with tutoring, with applying for financial aid for tuition and books, and with building the confidence needed to succeed at UF. "No matter what your circumstances, there can always be a better tomorrow," she says.


19-year-old Laura has autism and ADHD, but thanks to the Children's Services Council, ARC Broward and you, she is now successfull employed.

                                               Before she joined the CSC-funded program, Supported Training Employment Program (STEP) at ARC Broward,                                                           Laura did not have direction and felt lost in many ways. Shortly after completing the STEP summer internship,                                                        she got a call about an opening for a cashier at Walgreens. She applied and aced the test. The biggest impact                                                              STEP made in Laura's life was learning the social skills needed to successfully interact with people. As she puts   
                                                    it, "I believe I can do just about anything." Laura's long-term interests include a career in computers, particularly                                                      in filmmaking and special effects. Laura still attends ARC classes focusing on career development.


Lauren is getting the educational support she needs, at the same time she has learned self-acceptance, thanks to the Children's Services Council, Hispanic Unity and you.

The CSC-funded Unity 4 Teens program of Hispanic Unity is designed to provide adolescents with reproductive health information, resources and support. The program curriculum is designed to engage students through structured discussions, group exercises, role plays, guest speakers and informational presentations. For Lauren, it has meant help with her most challenging subject, math, as well as a safe place to go after school. A good student, Lauren has come out of her shell with the DreamGirlz component of Unity 4 Teens. Now she dreams big dreams, without getting wrapped up in drugs and alcohol.


Thanks to the Children’s Services Council and the YMCA of Broward County, students have an opportunity to give a voice to issues that are important to them.

With funding from the CSC, students in the YMCA Youth In Government program attended the 57th Annual Florida YMCA Youth In Government State Assembly in Tallahassee to serve as part of a youth-run, youth-led model government process. Read their testimonials:

Arnelle | Carlos (Parents)Joel | Looghermine | William | Yasmeen