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When I look back on my life twenty years from now, there will be a few key events that I will remember from my high school career. One of them definitely will be my experience in the Youth in Government (YIG) program. However cliché it might sound, being in the State Assembly changed my life. Roaming the confusing halls of the Capitol as a senator changed me inside. I came to believe in myself and my abilities in ways that I never had before. I never thought that I could stand in front of over fifty kids and passionately explain why I believed that women should have equal pay as men. I never thought that people would be so much in favor of my bill that they would smile at me as they rose in favor of it. I never thought I could face the daunting task of entering the cabinet room and presenting my bill to the cream of the crop in YIG without fainting. If you told me at the beginning of my sophomore year that four days would alter the course of my thinking—about the world and myself—I would have politely laughed and shaken my head. But now I know. I know that YIG was an event that was meant to happen to me. I know that I had to be first on the docket, first to get their bill passed in the senate, and first Bowen delegate to present their bill in the cabinet. I know that when asked I will be the first to say, Youth in Government should be a part of every teenager's life, because I know without it I wouldn't be the person I am.

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