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I learned so much from my experience at the Youth in Government (YIG) meeting in Tallahassee that it's hard to write it all down. If I had to pick three things, they would be leadership, strength, and a voice. The things I saw there were amazing. The college tour, the mall and the hotel were all great. The best part was the food.

During the trip I got to meet a lot of people with a lot of wonderful bills and ideas. It's so nice to see how much young people want to be able to help change the world for the better. I got to learn leadership when some of the kids went up and talked so passionately about their bills. They went up with so much confidence, it made me feel good knowing that they can step up in front of lots of people and not be afraid.

I learned strength when the YIG governor made his speech. The way he spoke with so much confidence and strength invited everyone to listen. His words had so much power behind them that they kept you thinking. One of the kids there said, "True strength is when you're afraid and still take action." Speaking in front of over 100 people must have been frightening.

A voice: everyone has one that deserves to be heard. That was the whole purpose of the trip, to learn that everyone has a voice that should be heard and no one should be afraid to speak their mind.

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