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First of all, Carlos and I would like to thank you for having the confidence in our son (Carlos) to select him to apply to be a delegate to represent Broward County as part of the Florida delegation at this year's YMCA YIG Conference on National Affairs. I never imagined he would be selected to go and had no idea he'd be the first Broward student to ever be selected as a Florida delegate. I truly understood how much of an honor this appointment was once he returned from CONA and started talking about what it all entailed. This truly was a learning and life changing experience for him. He met many new people and made many new friends during his time at CONA. The Florida delegates refer to themselves as a “Florida Family” and I believe that is truly what they are at this point and will remain. He went from the quiet kid in the corner on day one to showing everyone some South Florida dance moves at the banquet on the last night. As the weeks have gone by, he still keeps in touch with the kids he met from Florida and others states.

The YMCA Youth in Government program is a wonderful program for these kids to be part of and gives them experiences they would not receive anywhere else. As someone who works in the administrative side of government, I see how important it is that these programs exist to encourage today's youth to get involved in government.

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